A beautiful image of a path leading to a heavenly destination.
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My first communication from a departed loved one came to me when I was just seven years old. At the time, I didn’t understand it and I chalked it up to being a nightmare.

I was just seven years old when I experienced the death of my beloved Grandmother. She…


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My name is Kylie and I am niche-less. And I am just fine with that.

Humor is what I tend to lean towards, because that’s how I cope with everything in my life, but you will find some poetry, real drama of mine, and an abundance of the ludicrous in…

A black and white image of a woman with Love Shouldn’t Hurt written in black paint on her bare naked back.
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Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can sometimes hurt the deepest. Abuse is not always physical. Sometimes the emotional damage inflicted upon someone can take years of therapy and healing to undo.

I have always considered myself to be a strong, independent, and educated woman. So, no one…


Man reading a burning newspaper.
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Articles are meant to share information, tips, and opinions. This one is important to my heart. It is a list of the items I think should be made to be common sense knowledge at a minimum.

Teach it in school, teach it at home, blare it from loudspeakers in North…


A lady in a field of flowers acting weird.
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Stress is the biggest serial killer this world has ever seen. Or at least since that fat serial killer clown died.

Stress is the underlying cause of many diseases, conditions and violent acts. In my opinion, we need to start putting more emphasis on controlling stress and less on cleaning…

A beautiful church that just witnessed the awakening and transformation of a spirit.
Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash

I am whole and broken.
I am nothing and everything.
I am uncertain, yet peaceful.

Insecurity abounds when awakened, deprived of warning.
Awakened and alone, supposing most will stay in slumber.
Asking no questions, for the answers are within.

Embracing solitude, attaching to nobody.
Isolated, getting acquainted with me.



A woman sees all of the colors of the rainbow after her third eye opens.
Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

Oxygen is not visible to the human eye yet we still know it is there. Without the aid of a microscope, we could not see cells or bacteria, yet we still believe we have them coursing through our veins. We cannot see love, but we can feel it. …


A woman’s arm floating in a bathtub full of flower petals.
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It took me many years to learn that you have to love yourself before anybody else will. You need to put yourself first on a daily basis. If you won’t put yourself first, at least focus on yourself every day in some way.

How you love yourself is how you…


A married couple having fun together.
Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

I kissed many frogs and married two before I finally found my prince. I cannot speak highly enough about my current husband, but even our amazing relationship and marriage would flounder without the following ways in which I’ve found to keep it strong.

All married, or long-term couples, go through…


A blonde lady looking out the window of a bar for her next victim.
Photo by Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

Everyone has heard about, and has extreme respect for, the gold digger. But what about the gold digger’s lesser know counterpart, the silver locator? Just like being a gold digger, you can also make a respectable living, while not doing any work, by being a silver locator.

If you are…

Kylie Craft

Property Manager, Credit Specialist and Writer in addition to being a mother of four kids, two dogs, two birds and a turtle. www.kyliesrants.net

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