Exposed: A White Southerner That Is Not Insanely Devoted To Trump

We should be embarrassed for our country

Kylie Craft
4 min readJan 21, 2021


Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

The south is not rising again. The south wants peace and love and a unified America.

The south is getting blamed for the mass temper tantrum recently thrown at the White House by a group of supposed Trump supporters. I don’t know why or how southerners got blamed for these ridiculous shenanigans, but sayings such as, “The South shall rise again!” are all over social media. As a southerner, I could not be more different from those imbeciles that stormed the White House. Despite our reputation as southerners, we are not all hicks, racists, uneducated, violent or Republicans. We are all armed, though.

I am generally proud of the majority of my fellow southerners. We live and coexist together in a mostly peaceful society, where all races mix and call each other neighbor. We cook good food, have servant’s hearts and love our community. We want a cohesive country and unification. We want to be considered proud Americans first and a defining political party last. However, these past four years, combined with the quarantine, have caused fractures throughout the southern population and the rest of the country. I have severely reduced my time on social media because, to read the comments, you would think we are all divided and spend our free time yelling at each other and strangers.

My family is a great example of how varied we all are in the south, in my case Georgia. We have doctors, nurses, a few unemployed, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and some with full body tattoos and another with blue hair. I have extremely religious relatives as well as agnostic ones. But, guess what? We still love each other. None of that stuff matters when we are together. We are just a family. A family that doesn’t force their opinions or viewpoints on each other. If any conversation or debate begins to sound heated, we stop the conversation and focus on our camaraderie. This is the way the whole country should be. What happened to united we stand? Divided, we will fall.

Our differences are what make us beautiful. Imagine how boring the world would be if we all felt, looked and acted the same way? We need to bring…